Arimidex Is The Woman’s Buddy

Arimidex is known worldwide for its proven therapeutic effect. Anastrozole is the generic name of Arimidex. The drug works by lowering the levels of estrogen for women, especially those of post menopausal period. Arimidex belongs to the anti neoplastic drug classifications which mean it is very helpful in treating breast cancer. It is the perfect drug therapy for breast cancer. No wonder why arimidex is the number one drug for women.

Key Points To Consider

Before taking Arimidex, there are certain things that you have to put in your mind. First, inform your health-care professional care professional if you have disease conditions of the heart. Usage of Arimidex can increase the incidence of heart attack as well as the ischemic attack. Patients with bone disease should be cautious in taking Buy Arimidex too. Significant decrease in bone density has been observed in a patient who uses Arimidex drug therapy. Significant increase in the cholesterol level has also been reported for a patient who uses Buy Arimidex Online. The use of this drug therapy is prohibited to patients who are planning to get pregnant as well as pregnant women. It is found out that usage of Arimidex during pregnancy may cause harm to the fetus. Excretion of the drug contents via human milk has not yet established. Hence, it is important to discontinue breastfeeding while undergoing Arimidex drug therapy. Caution is given to a patient, 65 years old and above. Extra care is also given to a patient with liver and renal disorders.


The recommended dose for Arimidex Online is 1 mg tablet, taken via oral route once a day in full or even in an empty stomach. No dosing adjustment is required for a patient with renal as well as hepatic disorders. However, for treatment of breast cancer, the dosing adjustment will vary depending on health care provider’s evaluation of the overall condition of the patient. Duration of the treatment is as per doctor’s discretion.

Side Effects

Adverse reactions on every drug therapy are common. However, occurrence of side effects on Arimidex drug therapy is very minimal. Among the commonly reported side effects of Buy Arimidex are headache, appearance of blisters, feeling of depression, pain in the back, difficulty of breathing, nausea with or without vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, episodic dyspepsia, weight gain, joint pain, muscle pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, easy fatigability, excessive sweating, and sleep disturbances. Consult the help of a health care provider healthcare provider effects like palpitations, involuntary movements of the body or seizure like activities, inflammation of the facial structures such as the lips, eyes, and tongue. Be watchful for sudden fainting and palpitations. However, there are minimal side effects of Arimidex. For every 1,000 patient who took Arimidex Online drug therapy only two patients complained of adverse reactions.

Contraindications And Storage

Arimidex should never be given to a patient with known hypersensitivity reaction to anastrozole and any of the contents of Buy Arimidex Online drug. This is also not to be given to pregnant women. It should never be use as a premenopausal drug. Keep it at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius in your room. Keep away from moisture and direct rays of the sun. Put arimidex in a safe place, away from pets and children. Discard all expired medications.Always refer to drug literature to ensure proper handling of Buy Arimidex and other drugs.