Active ingredient Bimatoprost
Bimatoprost is an active ingredient that is part of many ophthalmic preparations. It is used in the treatment of open-angle glaucoma, as well as to combat eyelash loss.

Pharmachologic effect

Bimatoprost (Bimatoprost) – fatty acid, synthetic prostamide, according to its structure, belongs to the prostaglandins F2ά. The substance is able to reduce the pressure inside the eye by improving the outflow of intraocular fluid through the trabecular network.

A drug containing this substance begins to act several hours after contact with the eyeball. The action lasts about a day.

Bimatoprost does not accumulate in the body.


Preparations containing bimatoprost do not have serious contraindications, excluding individual intolerance or negative reactions to other components. They are not recommended for use by pregnant women and young mothers.

Side effects of the substance

A side effect that occurs in 40% of cases is eye redness. Itching, burning, and rapid eyelash growth may also occur. Other possible side effects:

changes in visual function;
eye irritation, feeling of the presence of a foreign body;
increased pigmentation of the iris;
cataract, iritis.
Preparations containing this active substance

Lumigan eye drops 0.3 mg / ml. The drug balances fluid inflow and outflow to reduce intraocular pressure. The action of the drops is to increase the circulation of blood and its flow to the hair follicles, due to which there is an active growth of eyelashes.