Eriacta remedy is one of the most effective means to restore male potency. Eriacta successfully helps men who suffer from erectile dysfunction because of its active component- Sildenafil. The world popular substance to increase potency, improve erection, and treatment for erectile dysfunction. This high-quality drug manufactured in the USA at an affordable price.

Eriacta was produced by the famous indian company “Cipla”. This pharmaceutical company has a worldwide reputation, its products can be found on pharmacy shelves in more than 170 countries , including the United States , Europe and other countries. The main production and office based in Mumbai, the business and industrial capital of India . Manufacturing facilities opened in 17 countries and a staff amount counts more than 20 000 people, which is not surprising, because Cipla was founded in 1937 and now it is one of the leading companies in the medical sphere.


The drug is intended for men who have problems with erection
Within 30 minutes after taking the drug (sildenafil), you will feel a rush of blood to the penis. The onset of an erection only when you are naturally excited. After the use of sildenafil you are able to have sexual intercourse for 4-5 hours. The minimum time for recovery between sexual acts. Excellent tolerance in primary and secondary use.

Recommendations for use

You should take the medication about an hour before sexual intercourse. After 30-60 minutes you will feel the work of preparation, and the action continues for 3 hours. The most optimal would be to take the medicine before meals, it will work in this case much faster. The principle of operation is that it should be taken only before you want to perform sexual intercourse. You should not take the drug more than once a day. You should not exceed the dosage of Eriacta 100mg.

Additional information:

It is considered that healthy man have an erection which occurs fast during sexual arousal and persists during the whole sexual process until the act is over.

  • If erection is not stable and a man during sexual desire can’t continue act- that means that he has a problem with erection.
  • If during sexual arousal a man can’t reach a stable erection – that also means that a problem exists.
  • If man is “too fast” and his sexual act finishing before he had a contact- that is also means that a decease already exists.

What should be expected from chronic administration of an analog of sildenafil – Eriacta 100?

There was no single fact about that prolonged use of the drug can lead to some serious consequences. Conducted studies prove that many men with vascular erectile dysfunction with prolonged (up to one year) use of sildenafil (reception 2 times a week, regardless of sexual activity) can get back their normal erection. Even after the treatment session of lasting effect is preserved.