Lumigan comes in the form of drops and they should be treated as such. The correct way of using Lumigan drops is by titling the head slightly back, putting the tip of the dropper directly above the eyes and squeezing it slightly. After that you will need to close your eyes immediately after the Lumigan drop has penetrated into the eye. If you want to wear contact lenses then you should wait for at least 15 minutes so as to allow the drops to be completely absorbed by the eyes.

Before Using

The thing to note here is that Lumigan can really damage the contact lenses and change the color of your eye as well as eyelashes. You may not notice immediate change in color but the change becomes more pronounced in a few years time. Lumigan can also causes thickening of eye lashes. The changes in color due to Buy Lumigan can become permanent after few years and then you may have to resort to surgery to balance the color of your eyes.
Another important thing that you need to know for the protection of your eyes by using Buy Lumigan Online Canada is that if the dropper touches the surface of any body part then the dropper will become contaminated which will ultimately result in infection.

Some Warnings

Doctor needs to know your full medical history if you want him to prescribe the medicine which is best for your eyes. You should tell your doctor about any disease that you have or if you have swelling in the eyes. Doctors usually prescribe medicines by taking a look at the other medicines that the patient is using or has been using.
The other important factor here is that Buy Lumigan falls under FDA pregnancy category C which may prevent doctor prescribing it to the patient if she is pregnant or is a nursing mother.

Missing Dosage

You should try your level best to use the Lumigan drops at a specific time but if you accidently miss a dose then you should not try to make up for the missed dose by using excess drops the next time. Over dosage can be really harmful for the eyes. In any case excess of anything is bad. Over dosage of Lumigan may produce redness in the eyes.
Drug Interactions When Using Lumigan
There are some drugs and medicines which do not complement Buy Lumigan Canada. You should let your doctor know if you are using some vitamins or mineral tablets. Doctor needs to know your medical condition inside out to be in a position to prescribe Buy Lumigan Online as the medicine which is best for you. You should also not switch from Lumigan Canada to some other medicine without first consulting with your medical practitioner. Sudden shift from one medicine to another will not be beneficial for you.

Side Effects

Watering and discharge of fluid from eyes are two of the most common side effects of Lumigan. Other observable side effects include sensitivity to light and vision change. Some people also experience burning and pain in the eyes. If you are feeling any of the above mentioned side effects then you should immediately contact the doctor.
For all those people who suffer from pressure on eyes, there is no better medicine than Lumigan but it’s not all about the problem, it’s more about the side effects as well as the advice of your doctor which you should take into account before using Lumigan Canada. Though it is a great medication for your eyes, its sensitivity can also harm you if you don’t take it accordingly or without any doctor’s prescription. Also switching from Lumigan Online to another medicine leaves you a negative impact, therefore first discuss it with your doctor and then decide about the next step.